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Law Firm Beware
Published Tuesday, February 18, 2020

We like to inform our clients of the market trends of court reporting.  For decades live stenographic reporters have been capturing live testimony at the House of Representatives, in The Senate, and court rooms across the nation.  

There is no substitute for a live stenographic reporter.  However, many courtrooms have gone digital; meaning, a court recorder is utilized to capture the spoken record.  However, a recorder cannot produce a written transcript in an expedited time frame, a recorder cannot read back the testimony of a witness in real time, a recorder cannot ask the witness to speak up and restate a garbled spoken word, and a recorder may not even be able to identify whom is speaking for the record.

A stenographic reporter knows when to speak up to capture words when there is background noise, and a stenographic reporter identifies each speaker for the record and inserts the speaker identification for each objection; therefore, preserving the record in its entirety.


But Law Firm Beware:  large corporations are now hiring what they are calling "court reporters" and sending them into court proceedings disguised as stenographic reporters with a steno machine, while in reality this so-called court reporter has a computer with a microphone disguised as a mouse while said person pretends to depress the steno machine.  This unscrupulous practice is occurring all over the country.

To protect your record, always ask for a stenographic reporter certified by the state (a CSR) or certified by the National Court Reporter's Association (RPR).

I hope you find this information helpful.

                                  Dawn Iseminger, RPR

                                 Iseminger & Associates, Inc. President

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