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Published Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Court Reporters are in your living room every day:  All Closed Captioning seen on TV is being done by a human being - a court reporter - who has been trained and is working from a home office, dialing into a satellite remotely, and providing real-time reporting directly to millions across the nation.  

This same technique of reporting is also used in the legal field by court reporters providing real-time reporting that may be seen by counsel on a PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, or  tablets.  

Real-time reporting is especially useful in trial.  As some courtrooms employ a Court Recorder and the audio is the only testimony recorded, a Real-Time Reporter is able to put the spoken testimony to paper and provide a written transcript, in real time, and/or provide a daily copy to counsel.  Whereas, the Court Recorder merely has recorded the sound and cannot quickly provide a written document of the testimony.  In order to obtain a written transcript of the proceedings from a Court Recorded courtroom, the audio files must be sent to an unknown third party who types character-by-character the testimony and such testimony cannot be certified or attested to, as this third party was not a witness to said proceedings.  Often, the certificate of authenticy reads:  "Whereupon, the testimony is true and accurate to the best of my abilities." 


CART is Communication Access Real-time.  CART is used in medical, legal, and educational settings to allow a deaf or late-deafened individual to fully participate and communicate with all parties present.

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